Friday, 4 July 2008

A "hell of a job"

I wonder if my daily work has some kind of influence in my images.

Lately, I've been hating it (the job, not the images) in a daily basis. It all seems now like a five year marathon for achieving useless things and making me loose reason on myself sometimes.

So, without further annoying development on the subject, that means it's time to move on and learn with it instead of forget about it. It's time for a change. Be it huge or irrelevant, it has to happen.

But the ironic side of it, is that this "hell of a job" is somehow responsible for some of the limitations that imposed some of the ideas and images I make. The series "Sunday" and "Whispering City" are the best examples. I'll leave you to figure out why. It bothers me to pollute you with my own interpretantions sometimes...

If I leave this demanding - yet useless - job, leaving me more available to produce images, how will it affect my images?

Hey Diva?! Thank you so much for the "hell of a job" thing. :)

Today's score: Apparat "Things To Be Frickeld - Parts & Remixes" (Shitkatapult).

Monday, 23 June 2008

Game Over

Cliché time!

The more I see people spending time online, the more I see kids living through a console, the more I see people listening to others through a cell phone... The more I love looking at empty, forgotten places. And the more chances I have to register them. :)

Today's score: Stateless.

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Silence Please

I always lack words to describe some images. Why do I emotionally attach to them and why they keep coming to my mind from time to time, it stays a mystery.

This weekend, at Fernando Santos Gallery (Porto), I saw André Príncipe's "Smell of Tiger precedes Tiger". This talented young artist is maybe the best example of what I've said above.

His work deals mostly with the subjects of loneliness and the difficulty of communication. This can explain why I'm so wordless to explain why it disturbs me so much and why I love it so.

Also, when I look at his series of images, I seem to forget the fact that I'm looking at photographic images.

Sometimes silence is the most demanding and valuable thing we get from images.

Regarding my own images, I've always had trouble "decoding" these:

... and going down.

Today's score: returning on a train, from Porto to Lisbon, Telefon Tel Aviv's "Remixes Compiled" and "Immediate Action, Vol.8".