Monday, 23 July 2007

We do

A month ago, on the 23rd June 2007, my friends Joana and António got married. It was St. John's day and the theme was all around. Joana asked me to take some pictures.

I have some problems aiming any camera at people I'm not intimate with and there were a lot of people at the ceremony and at the party who I never met before.

Also, I was looking for the opposite of typical wedding photos. No formal poses, no controlled light, no professional film, no professional camera and above all: having fun with it.

I decided to take Lomo LC-A and Holga with me. A dozen of expired 120 and 35mm film rolls from several brands would certainly give me the kind of images I was looking for.

The results were obviously unexpected sometimes.

I gathered a rather incomplete set of pictures to make public and a complete one to offer Joana and António. I hope they like it. I had a really good time

You can look at the set of public pictures at my Flickr space, "A+J" set.

Today's score: Apparat, "Walls" filling all my measures.

Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Surfing on a Rocket

I hate my job sometimes. But don't get me wrong. I'm in a very good mood anyway. :)

5 4 3 2 1 0
No one can stop me to go
You'll never see me again

Today's score: Air, favorite tunes.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Chez moi

A grey summer morning, a sunny afternoon.
My stereo being abused.

Today's score: a lot of Steve Reich, a lot of Brian Eno, a lot of Bach.

Saturday, 14 July 2007

Story untold

Looking at my series "A silent place out in the country", a friend cried. She was somehow connected to that place. One more story untold. Like many other, in a now silent place out in the country.


Today's score: Kaito, "Undred Million Love Years".

Accelerated particles

Accelerated particles have been missing their target lately.

Days are: empty.
Light is: too much.
Air is: hot.
Horizon is: hidden.
People are: still.
You are: still beautiful.
I am: still here.

Today's score: Triosk. Looping "The Headlight Serenade".

Friday, 13 July 2007

Dreams / Memories / Dreams

Memory is a tricky device. Dreams are distorted yet familiar places. Time is gapless. Is it?

The pair of sleeping kids' images in this post belongs to a set of personal pictures I made at the wedding of a really good friend.

June it was. I grabbed my Lomo LC-A and my Holga and loaded them both with a dozen rolls of expired film from random brands.

The scanned files still rest on my laptop. These two images untangled something I wasn't expecting: dreamy memories from another wedding from when I was a child, perhaps some of the first "stories" I can recall.

At that age, and at this distance in time, fragments is all I can remember of a possible story.

These images made tiny facts come alive and perfectly visible in my mind. Yet, the whole story remains fuzzy and disconnected.

It was some distant cousin's wedding. It was already night. A big room, filled with big people, with loud music. I was looking at the floor and getting dizzy without knowing why.

"Grandma! What's happening?" I said. Grandma started to joke and told something about the room moving in circles. I was even more scared. Then I got an explanation.

All those colored light spots moving in circles were meant to amuse, not confuse. Grandma took both my hands and started to dance with. I got confident under grandmother's guidance and the world – that room – became a better place.

And that was my first experience under a disco ball.

I can remember father driving us back home very late. I woke up at my mother's voice. My head rested on my sister's lap. The car was packed so we had the back of the wagon as a bed.

Dreams are distorted yet familiar places, remixed and refurbished, blurry landscapes, stored in time.

Today's score: listening to Tom Waits' "One from the Heart". One of my favourite movies too.

Tuesday, 3 July 2007

A shadow, a heart

Someone said that the shadows on this picture resembled the shape of a heart...

Today I... #119872

From the moment of commitment, nature conspires to help you.
Cetacea, from Björk's soundtrack to Matthew Barney's "Drawing Restraint 9".

Today's score: a lot of Björk. Take a look at one of my favorite videos here.